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Board of Directors



The Board is primarily responsible for overseeing and supervising the management of the business affairs and the overall performance of the Group.
The Board sets the Group’s values and standards and ensures that the requisite financial and human resources support is in place for the Group to achieve its objectives.
The functions performed by the Board include but are not limited to formulating the Group’s business plans and strategies, deciding all significant financial (including major capital expenditure) and operational issues, developing, monitoring and reviewing the Group’s corporate governance practices and all other functions reserved to the Board under the Articles of Association of the Company.


  • Executive Directors
    Mr. CHOW Luen Fat (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)
    Ms. LIU Shuk Yee
    Ms. NG Wai Ying (Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary)


  • Non-executive Director
    Ms. CHENG Ju Wen


  • Independent Non-executive Directors
    Mr. KWOK Siu Man (Chairman of Nomination Committee, Member of Audit Committee and Remuneration Comittee)
    Mr. LAW Tze Lun (Chairman of Audit Committee)
    Mr. WONG Man Hin Raymond (Chairman of Remuneration Committee)